Greetings, Wonderland friends!

We hope you’ll forgive our radio silence for the last several months post-TNNA. We’ve been deep down in the Rabbit Hole of creating and expanding, with some exciting new products and events in the works!

Streamlining and uniformly branding our media outreach has also been part of why things have been a bit quiet, as we redesign the blog, our newsletters, and soon our website. We are quite active on Facebook and Instagram in the meantime, however, where we post about projects, tips, wips, contests and more nearly-daily.

To begin to play a bit of catch-up, and in the spirit of WIP Wednesday, one of our summer releases was the Which Way shawl, born from our Mad Hatter sport Combo Pack (one 4-oz skein plus one Mini Skein Pack), and we love to see everyone’s shawls turning up on Ravelry. Here is a selection of some of our favorites:


Clockwise from top left: Which Way shawls by Ravelry users @Darthknitter, @cbass, @KnittingWizard, @Wiartonknits, @myasisdragon, and @redrhonda.

I’ve started too many projects and still have my own Which Way on the needles!

What are you working on this week?

-shannon (Team Frabjous)