Clearly, Melody Wins


…because this is what her $5 in Paris sweater looks like, and we looooooove it. And, this:



…is what my sweater looks like.

Okay, so…yeah,┬áit’s not really my sweater. I mentioned the other day that I just sort of lost steam, and apparently losing steam means casting on for not one, but two hats; one of them being handspun Merino Sparkle that is sure to pop brightly against our backdrop of ten-foot high piles of blinding white snow.

What are your favorite instant gratification projects?


No-Knit Circular Scarf

Welcome to the shiny new blog for frabjous fibers and Wonderland Yarns!



We know it’s not quite Halloween, but don’t get upset if we remind you that it’s never too early to start preparing for the holiday season.

If you’re short on time, or have a long list of giftees, and love the Wonderland Yarn colors as much as we love dyeing them, the neck wrap pictured above requires a mere twenty minutes, one skein of TweedleDeeDum bulky, and a coordinating scrap yarn from your stash.

How to do it?


Ditch the needles and hook. Lay your skein out on a table and locate the two places where it’s tied to keep it tidy. Starting at one of these points, make a slip knot with your coordinating waste yarn (we used leftovers of our March Hare worsted) around all the strands. It’s easiest to do this with the waste yarn wound into a ball. Continue making slip knots, one after the other, until you have a 4-ish inch band around the bulky yarn, covering the place where it’s tied. Repeat for the second tied place.

Weave in the ends by drawing them under the band with a darning needle, and boom! Squishy-soft wearable yarn love achieved! Pick a color for every friend (and one for yourself, too).

Enjoy, and FYI: we have a new Ravelry group for sharing projects and ideas. We hope you’ll join us there and show us your favorite projects with Wonderland Yarns.


We’ll also share project ideas here, studio stories, frabjous employee profiles, and other surprises, so stay tuned!