Aaaaaaand…we’re off!

We start our road trip going north up 91 from Bratt.

The first stop on our cross-country-and-back-again journey is Must Love Yarn in Shelburne, VT!


Kelly, Angela, and Jennifer met at a knitting group that started five years ago, and generously took the time to share with us their story of how Must Love Yarn in Shelburne, VT came to be. Thanks so much, ladies!

FF&WY: Why/when/how did your shop come to be?

MLY: A few years ago, two local yarn stores in our area went out of business and a number of us from our knitting group began talking about how we really needed a new yarn store in the area.  We talked about it off and on for quite some time, but finally we got very serious about it last year and things really started taking shape, and here we are!

FF&WY: What makes your shop unique?

MLY: Our shop is unique to many stores because we try to carry a lot of local and regional yarns, as well as small indie yarn companies.  We have products from as close as the next town south, Charlotte, as well as Colchester, West Dover, Monkton, Middlesex, St. Albans, Stowe, Brattleboro, Waitsfield and a few others!  We love supporting small, local companies and trying to help them grow their business as we grow ours.  We are in an area frequented by tourists and people traveling to the area for business, and they really enjoy being able to take a piece of Vermont home with them, in the form of yarn, or fiber arts related products.

FF&WY: Do you have regular social meet-ups, like a knit night or KALs?

MLY: The fiber arts community is so important to us, so besides holding classes and workshops we also have two social knit/fiber arts groups that meet weekly.  One group meets Wednesdays 5pm-7pm and the other is Sundays from 1pm-3pm.  There are a number of our customers who attend both groups, and some who can only come one day or the other.  There are knitters, crocheters and spinners of all different abilities who come together to share their stories and skills with one another, and one thing is certain, we always have a great time!

MLY Shop

I love this blurb on their About Us page, as it really sings to the beauty of shared passions bringing people together to create something bigger than themselves. We applaud your entrepreneurial spirit!

“Three women, all with very different lives, careers and stories, brought together by our love of knitting.  We had each thought about the logistics of opening a yarn store, but on our own couldn’t find the time and resources to make it a reality.  After a bit of talking, we realized that three heads were better than one, and that together, we could really make this work.  So after lots of planning we put things into motion and here we are!”

Road Trip Day 1 - Shelburne, VT-page-001

Thanks again, Must Love Yarn, for being the 1st pin placed on our map! Okay, technically it’s #2, since #1 is our studio location in Brattleboro, VT. For those of you who want to visit Must Love Yarn, the store is located at 2538 Shelburne Rd., Suite 1, Shelburne, VT. You can also give them a buzz 802-448-3780, or even order online via their website, where you can find our Queen of Hearts MCN yarn, as well as our Cheshire Cat fingering Mini Skein Packs!

And thank you, readers, for joining us on this adventure. Happy knitting!


The “Perfect and Best” Road Trip

Greetings, Frabjous Friends!

We’re coming back into this blog space with adventure in our hearts! It’s not possible for us to really get on the road and travel through all 50 states (because, yes, we’ll include HI and AK, too!) to visit every one of our amazing retail partners, but we’ll follow this brilliant map as best we can, to bring you stories, photos, and projects from all over the country.


Check out this itinerary for the perfect road trip, brought to you by Discovery News and a sophisticated algorithm to determine the best start-anywhere trip, complete with a list of the best landmarks to check out while you’re there.

Of course, we think the best landmarks are yarn shops! So, we’ll take the trip from home, featuring and interviewing our friends in each state as we go, starting right here in Vermont!

Stay tuned for our own detailed itinerary, with the shops we’ll be visiting along the way.

In the meantime, we have a limited edition colorway from now until June 30th, to celebrate the excitement of primary season. Get your needles into some Caucus-race today!



I can’t give you official numbers yet, but our Spinzilla team continues to impress the heck out of me. It’s pretty amazing how much these gals can spin. The overwhelming sentiment is that we’ve all grown as spinners with the consistent practice that this week pushes us to perform.


I mean, just take a freaking look at that plying. Whew.


Full, full bobbins of fine yarn. That’s what’s happening over here with the electric, too:


Spinning while traveling has been fun, but also difficult to lug around…not because of the Firefly (although I should mention that it is rather heavy), but because of the bulk of all the fiber I’ve brought with me!



Today’s challenge has been to find something we love about a color we typically don’t like or a fiber that we’ve been avoiding in our stash.

And tomorrow is Selfless Spinning Day! It’s all about giving tomorrow. Spin for someone you love!

On Sunday, we have an in-person meet-up at Handknits in Brattleboro from 12-4pm. Even if you aren’t on our Spinzilla team, you can still come and play, have snacks and spin with fiber friends!

Mile High Spinning Club…

…has turned into the Mile High Blogging Club, as I had a little run-in with TSA this morning.


It turns out the Firefly motor looks a might suspicious on the scanner, but one of the guys with a mechanical mind recognized that it was, in fact, a motor, and brought my bag to the examination table. Somehow, during the unpacking and conversing and repacking, a screw was misplaced and, for a while, I thought I couldn’t use the machine. It turns out it’s not as important as I thought it was (I should still be able to spin, just won’t be able to lift up the whole thing by the handle until I jury-rig it), so I’ll be good to go later on today. I’ll have a lot of catching up to do! Check out some of the action so far:


Haley’s gorgeous work on her Three Feet of Sheep in Tourmaline


Amy’s beautiful 2-ply, also a Three Feet of Sheep colorway


Joanna’s action shot


Stephanie’s prep


Molly’s busy day


And my contribution from the other day.


Yesterday, our theme/challenge was to try a new-to-you fiber type. Collectively, we tried vegan wool, bison, rose bushes (!!!), Gottland, soffsilk, bamboo, and more!

Today, we’re exploring new techniques.

Also, I am posting this from an airplane. What a strange world we live in! I may not be spinning in my seat, but at least I have knitting. And the internet. Happy spinning, friends!

Ready to rock…what are you spinning?

Spinzilla 2015 is ON!


Stephanie and are starting with stash from Frabjous Fibers, of course. Ends and scraps and oddments. I’m hoping it pushes me past my self-imposed color boundaries and comfort zones. I’m not really into brights, but here’s my pile:


Our team members have also started posting photos of fibers ready to roll. This is Amy’s gorgeously well-ordered Three Feet of Sheep in the limited Autumn Leaves colorway on BFL-Silk:


And I love this peaceful scene of fiber in wait next to a beautiful wheel…


And Haley even stayed up until after midnight so she could start counting yardage at 12:01. I have to admit I conked out just before I could start counting my own yardage. Oh, well! Cheers to you, Haley!


Any other teams out there working on challenges during Spinzilla week?

Tomorrow, our challenge is to spin a new-to-us fiber type. Maybe some yak has been lurking about in the stash for a long time, just waiting until the perfect moment to try it out. That moment is now! Er…tomorrow, actually!

Happy spinning, everyone!

*tap tap*…is this thing on?


It’s been a while. Summer was crazy-busy for all of us at Frabjous Fibers and Wonderland Yarns. Many of us were trying to juggle summer schedules with our kids, family visits, FUN, and other summery-ness all while keeping up on production and innovation in the studio.

Finding ourselves now in Autumn, kiddos back in school, and rolling swiftly on towards the holiday season, we’re piling our plates high with the good stuff. First off:


We have a Spinzilla team this year! It’s our first year hosting a team, and we still have room if you’d like to join in the fun! Check out the Spinzilla site for all the details and sign up by this Friday, October 2nd! Register under the Team Frabjous Fibers Mad Spinning Party to join us.

I ended up needing to schedule travel during most of Spinzilla week, and will be bringing along a Spinolution Firefly to take my spinning on planes, trains, and automobiles from one coast to the other, adding yardage to our team totals as I go! More details on this wondrous machine when I pick her up in a week.


Check this thing out! It’s a perfect carry-on. I’ll be sharing adventures here and on our Facebook page daily during Spinzilla week and beyond, until the Firefly and I make it back home safe and sound, many yards (and possibly miles) later!

Our in-studio team members are starting to assemble fiber, and I’ll share our palettes with you over the next few days.

This Sunday, we’ll be joining Team MadWool for a kick-off party at Madison Wool in Madison, CT, and we’ve designed an exclusive colorway just for MadWoolers! Come and play from 12-5pm.

We’ve also created a special Lamb’s Tail for WEBS, who will also be hosting events during Spinzilla week.

Are you already registered? Tell us who you’re spinning for, and if you haven’t registered yet, get on it and spin with us!

TNNA Wrap-Up, and…the Winner!


So, maybe we needed a little recoup time.

Hi there!

Resurfacing, we find that we owe you a giveaway winner, some peeks at newly revealed product, photos from the show, and update on Tutorial Tuesdays!, and, um…probably other things I can’t remember right now.

Firstly, we went to Ohio! A colorful time was had. We reconnected with fabulous longtime customers and we met some lovely new folks, too. We shared an enormous selection of brand new colorways on our Wonderland Yarns bases, adorable new felt, and other forms of fiber joy.


This is what we looked like either immediately before or after (I can’t even remember) the feeding frenzy that was the Sample It! event, which immediately followed our all-day booth set-up. Holy cow. You guys. That was craaaaaazy.


We managed a tiny bit of playtime and wandering, found some BIG needles, and someone (*cough cough* Melody *cough*) might have turned me green with envy when she acquired one of these.

The most important thing to tell you is this: we’re filled with gratitude for everyone who came to visit our wonderland at the end of the row. We love you!

It was an exciting, exhausting whirlwind, but we’re glad to be home and back to the dyepots. We’ve got orders to fill!


We released 11 new colorways in our Mini Skein Packs at the show, btw. I might be picking a favorite here.

Also, alllll the new yarn:


The neutral need is satisfied! Huzzah!

I’m pretty sure, though, that what you really want to know is who takes the prize from our previous post, so here you go: it’s Jamie!

Jamie asked a question about how to separate your fiber for spinning equal amounts to ply. We’ll definitely be discussing this on Tutorial Tuesdays! If all goes well, we’ll be posting our first video on Tuesday, June 16th! Stay tuned!

Happy Friday!

How do you…??? (giveaway!)

I might have gone a little crazy with the color changes on my LightWaves shawl, and ended up with this:


Melody had lots of ends to weave in, too, and she just up and skipped that step, the brilliant creature:


If bowties aren’t your thing, or the end-bits make you want to throw things, check out this great article, Weaving in Your Ends, over at The Purl Bee. I’m feeling pretty enlightened, and also pretty inspired to start sharing all the things we’ve learned, as a collective group of knitters here at Frabjous Fibers, on techniques and tricks to make knitting more fun, productive, and awesome-looking. Also, we have lots of questions and hang-ups of our own, and what better way to find the answers than to do some research and present our findings. To YOU!

Enter, Tutorial Tuesdays! with the gang here at Frabjous Fibers. As-Close-to-Every-Tuesday-as-Possible, we’ll be sharing tips, techniques, and tricks on our new YouTube channel. Possibly studio shenanigans.


To get this ball rolling, we want to know what you have questions about. What do you need help with? What’s a German short row? What is Carson’s favorite color? Who is he, anyway? We can answer these questions, and more.

Throw some questions our way in the comments on this post, and we’ll enter you into a giveaway drawing for one of our new colorways on yarn or fiber (your choice!). Give us some fuel for our informative-yet-entertaining fire! Yow!

A winner will be drawn on Sunday night!


Shannon and Team Frabjous

ETA: Let’s extend this a few more days, so we can get some more comments in! We won’t be starting Tutorial Tuesdays! until after TNNA, so we have a little extra time. 🙂

Good Things


Yep, so Michelle over at Rose Tree Fiber Shop was our winner in the guess-our-new-fiber game. Check out their Facebook page to see her progress with spinning it up!

Thank you, everyone, for playing. Our new fiber, Lucky Baaahboo (60% superwash merino, 30% bamboo, 10% nylon…yay, socks!), will be available wide and far very soon! We love it, and we hope you will, too.

In other news, Melody kicked my hind end and finished her shawl on time. I, however, did not.


I’ll admit that I’m suffering from toomanyprojectsitis, and it’s a debilitating condition.

We’ll do some glamour shots of Melody in her beautiful Iris Waves and post them here!


New fiber types aren’t the only fiber new-ness happening, as we get prepared for TNNA, btw. We’ll start sharing some teasers over the next several weeks of new colorways and products in both fiber and our Wonderland Yarns. It’s going to be a great show.

Our Megan created a gorgeous advertisement to announce our booth numbers. I’m kind of obsessed with it. Check it out:


So, there you have our first official announcement of our booth numbers: 1151, 1153, 1250, and 1252. Come visit us in your tea-party best!

One More Day!

We’ll keep the guessing game open for our fiber giveaway until tomorrow night (that’s Wednesday, March 18th!).

Oh, and since it’s proving to be difficult, we’ll put everyone’s name in the bucket for at least venturing a guess, with additional entries for correct guesses on the fiber types. Sound good? Now, head on over to comment on the Giveaway Post and we’ll announce a winner on Thursday!

In other news, there has been shawl progress:


Are you working up a LightWaves shawl, too? Keep up with our intimate little KAL on Ravelry. I’m starting in on my Too Much Pepper waves today, after I peruse videos on the German short row technique.

Which short row technique do you like best?