One More Day!

We’ll keep the guessing game open for our fiber giveaway until tomorrow night (that’s Wednesday, March 18th!).

Oh, and since it’s proving to be difficult, we’ll put everyone’s name in the bucket for at least venturing a guess, with additional entries for correct guesses on the fiber types. Sound good? Now, head on over to comment on the Giveaway Post and we’ll announce a winner on Thursday!

In other news, there has been shawl progress:


Are you working up a LightWaves shawl, too? Keep up with our intimate little KAL on Ravelry. I’m starting in on my Too Much Pepper waves today, after I peruse videos on the German short row technique.

Which short row technique do you like best?


We Want YOU! (to test-spin)

We’re hard at work on new offerings for Fall 2015, and there are fiber bases among the newness.


Feedback wanted!

We’ll give away a 4-oz. braid of this Top Who Must Not Be Named to a randomly drawn winner. The catch? You have to guess the fiber blend. Hint: there are three fibers in this blend. Get at least two of them right (be specific with wool breed guesses), and we’ll enter you into the drawing for one braid in our Chocolate Cherry colorway. The other test-braids are in the hands of staff, but we already know we love it. We want to know if you love it, too. Comment on this post to enter! 

In other news, it’s time again for a seasonal, limited edition colorway in our Three Feet of Sheep. Your LYS can order it for just a short window of time, so put in your requests now!



Our first Knitalong is small and informal, but we’re plugging away at our LightWaves shawls, and it’s about to get real with some wave action. Melody has been making progress:


…and I’m ready to start on the waves. I’ve been charting it out and not really coming to any decision, but I’ll force myself to do that and post pics to the Rav group ASAP.

So, here we go:



Three fiber types.

Get two of them right.

Win fiber.


Let the KnitAlongAgainstAlong Begin!

Oh, it’s begun.


The above is Melody’s pick, which reminds me of iris and crocus. Sprriiiiing!!!

Below, is a possibly-new-for-fall-color that I begged for. No name yet, but Too Much Pepper gradient is tagging along for the waves. I’m getting all Queen Bee on this thing.


Just a few rows at a time…


Join us!

Stalling Out

So, what do you do when you’re nearly there on a knitting project and you just. lose. steam?

I read this satirical article, and nearly wept with maniacal laughter because all good satire has a kernel of truth that resonates in a universal way, and it is no stretch of the imagination to picture my current nearly-off-the-needles project becoming an unidentifiable monster mess as my mind wanders in the final inches.

It’s not my Enchanted Mesa…that pattern is far too engaging a knit for there to be any danger of wandering off. I had to stop knitting it, though, because the needle cable I need for the next step is currently stuck in another project, as I mentioned in the previous post. I know I could just put the stitches from Other Sweater on a holder, but there’s only a couple inches to go, and I told myself I must finish this long-lingering thing before I could let that cable loose to touch another project. But, it’s stockinette in the round, 250-ish stitches per round in fingering weight. No change in color, just around and around and around and I feel like every row takes three weeks to knit. It has crossed the threshold from meditation into tedium.

This is exactly the reason why knitters tend to have 500 projects on the needles at once, am I right? Maybe you have some advice for me, but my advice to myself is to start something new today; just a little something small to whip through and feel a sense of accomplishment. It’s how I preserve my knitting sanity.

Speaking of new projects, we have some new designs for Frabjous Fibers and Wonderland Yarns, and we have such a good time bringing them to life, there’s no strain to make it to the finish line. We’ll have cowls, a scowl, and some exciting new ebooks coming up very soon. Stay tuned!



Before we get serious, we like to have a little fun while testing the light and getting in the mood:


Or maybe we just really love mini packs and buttons.

Happy Thursday!

ps: Don’t forget to comment on our knit-along thread in our Ravelry group if you’d like to join us in knitting the LightWaves shawl starting on March 1st!

A Knit-Along: won’t you join us?

Good morning!

Have you joined our Wonderland Yarns group on Ravelry yet? We’re hosting a knit-along beginning on March 1st, and we hope you’ll join us. Really, we just want another excuse to play with mini skein packs.

We’ve chosen the LightWaves pattern by Susan Ashcroft of Stitchnerd Designs for our first go ’round with community knitting:


photo by Stitchnerd Designs

Doesn’t it just scream for mini skein packs? The color combining potential is boggling my brain, and I’m glad we have a few weeks to decide on colorways!

We’re offering some incentive for participants and to grow our Rav group and community:

Let us know you’re joining in and which Wonderland Yarns colors you are planning to use, and we’ll enter you in a drawing to win yarn for our next knit-along!

Share on social media when we post about the knit-along and we’ll enter you again!

Gain more entries into the drawing by sharing progress pics as we go, and of course, your finished shawl!

For those who would rather work on a smaller project, check out the link to the Wave Cowls pattern that the LightWaves pattern was inspired by. We think this would work well with a mini skein pack. LightWaves will require a 4 oz. skein in addition to a mini pack.

We’ll post more details about the drawing as we get closer to starting. In the meantime, watch our Facebook page for announcements you can share, and think about your favorite colorways!

In the meantime, we’re all trying to finish up some projects to free up needles for the knit-along!


Melody’s $5 in Paris is coming along in Too Much Pepper and our Roses Red limited edition mini skein pack.


I have to admit I’ve stalled a bit on my Enchanted Mesa, but mainly because I need to get something else off the necessary interchangeable needle cable.  It’s good incentive to get two projects done before the end of the month!

What are you working on?