Mile High Spinning Club…

…has turned into the Mile High Blogging Club, as I had a little run-in with TSA this morning.


It turns out the Firefly motor looks a might suspicious on the scanner, but one of the guys with a mechanical mind recognized that it was, in fact, a motor, and brought my bag to the examination table. Somehow, during the unpacking and conversing and repacking, a screw was misplaced and, for a while, I thought I couldn’t use the machine. It turns out it’s not as important as I thought it was (I should still be able to spin, just won’t be able to lift up the whole thing by the handle until I jury-rig it), so I’ll be good to go later on today. I’ll have a lot of catching up to do! Check out some of the action so far:


Haley’s gorgeous work on her Three Feet of Sheep in Tourmaline


Amy’s beautiful 2-ply, also a Three Feet of Sheep colorway


Joanna’s action shot


Stephanie’s prep


Molly’s busy day


And my contribution from the other day.


Yesterday, our theme/challenge was to try a new-to-you fiber type. Collectively, we tried vegan wool, bison, rose bushes (!!!), Gottland, soffsilk, bamboo, and more!

Today, we’re exploring new techniques.

Also, I am posting this from an airplane. What a strange world we live in! I may not be spinning in my seat, but at least I have knitting. And the internet. Happy spinning, friends!


Ready to rock…what are you spinning?

Spinzilla 2015 is ON!


Stephanie and are starting with stash from Frabjous Fibers, of course. Ends and scraps and oddments. I’m hoping it pushes me past my self-imposed color boundaries and comfort zones. I’m not really into brights, but here’s my pile:


Our team members have also started posting photos of fibers ready to roll. This is Amy’s gorgeously well-ordered Three Feet of Sheep in the limited Autumn Leaves colorway on BFL-Silk:


And I love this peaceful scene of fiber in wait next to a beautiful wheel…


And Haley even stayed up until after midnight so she could start counting yardage at 12:01. I have to admit I conked out just before I could start counting my own yardage. Oh, well! Cheers to you, Haley!


Any other teams out there working on challenges during Spinzilla week?

Tomorrow, our challenge is to spin a new-to-us fiber type. Maybe some yak has been lurking about in the stash for a long time, just waiting until the perfect moment to try it out. That moment is now! Er…tomorrow, actually!

Happy spinning, everyone!