Clearly, Melody Wins


…because this is what her $5 in Paris sweater looks like, and we looooooove it. And, this:



…is what my sweater looks like.

Okay, so…yeah,┬áit’s not really my sweater. I mentioned the other day that I just sort of lost steam, and apparently losing steam means casting on for not one, but two hats; one of them being handspun Merino Sparkle that is sure to pop brightly against our backdrop of ten-foot high piles of blinding white snow.

What are your favorite instant gratification projects?


From Fiber to FO: Part One


Okay, so we have a bit of a love affair going with our Three Feet of Sheep collections. This led to the creation of some limited edition seasonal colorways, and with holiday gift-making madness overtaking All the Spare Moments, Shannon (that’s me!) wanted to create a quick Fiber-to-FO project that could be made with any of our fiber blends and colors.

Enter the Winter Sparkle:



It was begging to be spun. So, I separated each of the 11 colors into two pieces, so I could make 2 4-ounce yarns. Each color was spun up completely, making long stripes.

I spun by night:


And I spun by day.


Stay tuned for the Navajo-plied results! Any guesses as to what the finished project might be?